The following pages will help you learn more about our Baja birds. Each page will describe a bird found in our area. Photographs will enhance the data about the birds. All of the photos were taken by John Spencer. Most of the data about the birds were copied from the Wikopedia website. This is a work in process and birds will be added weekly. The index is in alphabetical order.

ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER - Semi-crest on brown head, active, common, - ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER
BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK - Winter migrant, common, males have black heads - BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK
BLUE GROSBEAK - Migrant, rare, males in breeding bright blue, females dull brown - BLUE GROSBEAK
CACTUS WREN - Largest in wren family, noisy, tame, speckled brown and white, common - CACTUS WREN
CALIFORNIA QUAIL - Large plump ground dwelling bird, top knot feathers distinctive - CALIFORNIA QUAIL
CALIFORNIA TOWHEE - A sparrow like bird, plain brown, white chin with 'neckless'- CALIFORNIA TWOHEE
COMMON GROUND DOVE -A small sized, ground dwelling bird, common - COMMON GROUND DOVE
CRESTED CARACARA - a large black and white vulture-like falcon - common bird - CARACARA

COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD - males have purple gorget and head, females plain brown - COSTA'S HUMMINGBIRD
GILA WOODPECKER - A large woodpecker, males have red cap, females plain - GILA WOODPECKER
GILDED FLICKER - A large woodpecker like bird, males have red cheek patch, females plain - GILDED FLICKER
GRAY THRASHER - One of our endemic birds, found only in southern Baja, decurved bill- GRAY THRASHER
GREAT BLUE HERON - A very large gray/blue water dwelling bird, common in fresh water - GREAT BLUE HERON
GREAT EGRET - A very large white water dwelling bird, sexes similar, common in fresh water - GREAT EGRET
GREEN TAIL TOWHEE - A large ground dwelling sparrow like bird, rufus crown - GREEN TAIL TOWHEE
HOODED ORIOLE - Male has black 'bib', lacking in female, male bright yellow, female duller.- HOODED ORIOLE
HOUSE FINCH - Male has red head, female streaked brown and white, very common - HOUSE FINCH
KESTREL - Small falcon aka 'sparrowhawk common resident - KESTREL
LADDER-BACK WOODPECKER - Male has red on head, black and white striping on back - LADDERBACK
LARK SPARROW - Mid-sized sparrow has bold marked head, migratory bird, winter visitor - LARK SPARROW
LAZULI BUNTING -Migratory, rare, males have blue head, females overall reddish-brown, - LAZULI BUNTING
LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE - Mid-sized black and white bird, uncommon, sexes similar - LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE
NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD - black, white and gray bird with long tail. - MOCKINGBIRD
OSPREY - Large black and white 'fish hawk'. Sexes similar. Resident. common on shorelines. - OSPREY
PHAINOPEPLA - black shiney flycatcher, female grey, has crest like cardinal, aka silky fly catcher - PAINOPEPLA

PYRRHULOXIA - A gray and red cardinal with a unusual bill shape - common bird - PYRRHULOXIA

RAVEN - large black bird. looks like large crow, but no crows arefound in Baja.Dexes similar. -RAVEN
RED -TAIL HAWK - large raptor varied coloration, often sits on power pole. Adult has red tail -RED-TAIL
ROADRUNNER - large ground bird. Unique, long legs and neck. long heavy bill, sexes alike. -ROADRUNNER
SCISSOR TAIL FLYCATCHER - A rare bird for Baja. Extremely long tail, SCISSOR TAIL FLYCATCHER
SCOTT'S ORIOLE - Black headed, yellow body bird. Female has gray head. Male sing wonderfully.-SCOTT'S ORIOLE
VARIED BUNTING - A very beautiful dark blue/purple marks the male- uncommon -VARIED BUNTING
VERDIN -a very small, active bird with a yellow head and a red shoulder patch - uncommon -VERDIN
WESTERN SCRUB-JAY - A mid-sized blue and white bird, common, noisy, sexes similar - WESTERN SCRUB-JAY
WHITE CROWN SPARROW -A mid-sized sparrow, black and white head, sexes similar - WHITE CROWN SPARROW
WHITE WING DOVE -Our most common bird. Large gray dove with white wing patches. - WHITE WING DOVE
XANTUS' HUMMINGBIRD - Found only in our area, bright green back, red and black bill - XANTUS'S

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